caladria ([personal profile] caladria) wrote2009-04-14 06:14 pm
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Obligatory introduction post

I'm Caladria here, I'm Caladria on LJ and, in fact, everywhere else.  Apart from the places I have to be caladria101.  So, hi, welcome and hello.  I'm told I'm "The Quiet One", but I'm doing my utmost to change that.

The facts:

  • I'm a vet student in the UK.  I bitch and whinge about how much time this takes up, but I'll also geek out about it, because I'm lucky enough to be heading towards something I absolutely love and am passionate about.  It's something that I'd pay to do, am paying to learn about, and hopefully will be lucky enough to be paid to do once I enter what is known as "The Real World".
  • Having said that, I'm incredibly dopey.  There will be the posts where I put my USB through the washing machine.
  • I love television.  I watch it, I talk about it.  Which bits of television I talk about are mainly dependant on what I'm watching at any particular moment.  Science fiction and comedy are my two main loves, and being based in the UK, it's UK programmes I watch the most.
  • I talk about television, but I'm not a big hater.  There are very few characters in any television programme that I hold outright venom for.  Those are the ones I just don't talk about.
  • Torchwood!  It's cracky, it's - in some places - really bad - but in others it's glorious, and I love it.  I love all the characters more or less equally, and I'm there for the team really.
  • But I think Doctor Who is better.  It's a closely guarded secret - I don't write for it because I think it pretty much reaches its potential and I don't want to fix it.  It bypasses my cynical, cold, shrivelled up parts and hits my squee.
  • I squee quite a bit.
  • I'm working my way through classic Who at the minute as well as keeping up with the new stuff.
  • Stargate was my first love.
  • Bucket of ears is something I do quite regularly.

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